We stopped in today and I had 3 vehicles in mind, a Caliber, an Impala and a Malibu, all that they seemed to have. Well, the Caliber I wanted to look at wasn't even there. Go figure. It wasn't even at their little dinky backlot... You know, the one where they keep all of their older cars? The Impala they had was listed online at 14.9, but when I asked about it, I was told it was 18.9. Um, that is a significant difference. So, the malibu I looked at and test drove seemed to be very nice, but, since the Impala had a sudden drastic price change, I wanted to make sure that the price online was still the same.

I just wanted the sticker price. This "sales manager" from their smaller lot wouldn't even tell me a basic number. He decided to beat around the bush for a while about an origin of loan or point of finance. When he wanted us to run the numbers, I decided to walk out, my husband gave them the "yeah, we'll be back." routine. I am not going to let you run my credit and then come back and say the car is 18 Thousand or some bogus baloney like that. I won't go back and I wont suggest them to anybody.

Tip for your sales guys, especially for Louie Anderson there, don't use the term "retard" to refer to other customers, or hypothetical customers. Don't talk about your "playboy sales" days. We don't care how many magazines you sold, you aren't selling me a subscription, you are selling me a car. Please, don't refer to yourself as "Big Daddy." That makes you sound so sleazy, it's ridiculous, I mean, I can't imagine anybody calling and comfortably asking for "Big Daddy "

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